Nominations for Sheryl Mc Broom for TCA Secretary.

Robert Curtis
Austin, TX
US Chess Life Member
TCA Life Member
Captain, Tarrant Butchers Chess Team (2019, 2020)
Member, Texas Chess Team (since 2015)
Chess instructor for about 50 students

As a Life Time Member of both USCF and TCA, I hereby nominate Sheryl McBroom for Secretary of the TCA.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sheryl for the last several years and I believe she would be a wonderful addition to the strong leadership the 2020 elections are putting together. Being a veteran herself, Sheryl has worked as well with military events as she has with adult and youth chess. At each event I have seen Sheryl at, she consistently has made these events more enjoyable for both young and seasoned chess players. Sheryl's comradery is positively contagious.

I feel Sheryl's professional experience, volunteer background, and education make her well qualified to be TCA Secretary.

My best to all,

Bob Curtis

Andrew Widmer
Arlington, TX
TCA expires 4/30/2021

It is my great pleasure to nominate and endorse one of my best friends, Sheryl Mc Broom, for TCA Secretary. Sheryl and I met several years ago when we took art classes at the University of Texas at Arlington. I’ve got to know Sheryl, personally and professionally.

Sheryl is very committed to tasks that she takes on and gives it her all. She goes above and beyond what is expected and is incredibly self-motivated. No task is too daunting for her. As a senior film major, I am often intrigued by Sheryl’s ability to take pictures of special moments. Having worked with Sheryl on multiple projects, I have found her to be easy-going, efficient, and determined to compete projects on time. As well as participating in chess matches, Sheryl has been/is involved in chess photography, helping with chess-related fundraising, using her art to make gifts for chess participants, and coming up with new ideas to promote and grow TCA.

I have no doubt that Sheryl would be an asset as TCA’s secretary given her vast education, life experiences, and willingness to do her very best. Sheryl has my vote!


Andrew Widmer

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