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Sheryl Mc Broom, Candidate for TCA Secretary, photo by Mike Tubbs

Sheryl Mc Broom
Candidate for TCA Secretary

My Friends, I am running for TCA Secretary and ask for your support and vote.

My professional experience, volunteer background and education make me well qualified to be TCA Secretary. One of the TCA Secretary’s most important responsibilities is attending TCA business meetings and processing the minutes expeditiously so the Bylaws Committee can quickly update the Bylaws. TCA Bylaws are the bedrock of our organization and they haven't been updated since August 30, 2015. If elected I will do my part by ensuring business meeting minutes are timely so the Bylaws Committee can do its job.

I am a skilled amateur photographer. I love working with organizers and tournament directors to capture special moments, especially at scholastic tournaments. Many of my photos covering Texas Women’s Championships, Texas Armed Forces Championships, Red River Shoot Outs, BRAZOS, Region Championships, Arlington Chess Opens, and other events are published on chess websites and the TCA Facebook page.

I want to use my photography and art skills to promote chess (such as a "Who's Who in TCA" yearbook), increase TCA fundraising and develop opportunities for youth players to go to National tournaments. If elected TCA Secretary I can use that position as a foundation for facilitating that and other worthy causes.

Professional Experience

  • US Air Force Veteran
  • Aircraft Guidance and Control System Specialist (US Air Force)
  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial Electrician (US Air Force)
  • Paralegal
  • Executive Secretary
  • H&R Block Tax Preparer

Volunteer Experience

  • Member, CLASP Animal rescue group (10 years)
  • Legionnaire, American Legion Post 581 (7 years)
  • American Legion Rider, American Legion Post 379 (2 years)
  • Vice President, Texas Armed Forces Chess, a subordinate element of American Legion Post 379, a 501(C)(19) charity organization (2 years)
  • Executive Officer, 2021 US Armed Forces Open Chess Championship (since 2019)
  • Member, Texas Military Chess Team
  • Member, Texas Chess Team
  • Texas Chess Team Captain, RRSO XVIIISS (18-1/2 in Roman Numerals, an online tournament replacing RRSO XVIII that was cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Member, Tarrant "Butchers" Chess Team
  • Texas Armed Forces Student Chess Champion (2018)
  • Member, Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Chess Photographer
  • Owner of Artists Students Sales business


  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management (California State University)
  • Associate of Arts degree in Business (Bakersfield Community College)
  • Paralegal License (California State University)
  • Executive Secretarial Program (Spokane Community College)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Art (Photography and Painting) - Presently in 3rd year (University of Texas at Arlington)

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