Nominations for Jim Hollingsworth for TCA Vice President.

Mike Donovan
Austin, TX
TCA expires April 30, 2021

I wholeheartedly nominate and endorse my good friend, Jim Hollingsworth, for TCA Vice President. I've known Jim for 34 years since we served in the Army field artillery and played chess together in Korea.

Jim introduced me to USCF-rated chess in 1987 when we both lived in the “Monastery” officer barracks at Camp Stanley Korea. With his keen eye for chess players, he looked at me and said, “You look like you might be a chess player,” and we played my first rated games as a match as he generously taught me from my mistakes. As a registered TD, Jim organized chess tournaments for several small camps throughout Korea culminating in the 8th Army Championship. We even took a long train ride across the country, standing room only, to play in a friendly rated tournament that he created. Jim was chess for the armed forces in Korea.

I did not play chess between 1988 and 2004 (except against Chessmaster 2000), but the fond memories persisted and I started up again as my children left home. Jim and I renewed our chess at the US Army Chess Championship in 2007 where Jim created a DVD of the event for all of the participants, and again at the US Armed Forces Open in 2010 when he stayed with me at my home. When I moved to Texas in 2011 I found that Jim was very generously raising money and holding chess tournaments for armed forces veterans as well as bringing Texas and Oklahomans together for the chess “Red River Shootout” which is now in its 18th year. Jim gave me a CD of a song that his sister wrote and performed about “RRSO III.” Jim is bringing the U.S. Armed Forces Open Chess Championship to Texas in 2021 after more or less 200 years in the Washington, DC area.

Jim is the most generous and gregarious—may I say fanatical—chess organizer and chess friend that I have met. TCA needs leaders like Jim Hollingsworth.

Vote Jim 4 VP!

Mike Donovan

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Charles Fricks
Longview, TX
Texas Military Veteran's Chess Champion (2018)
TCA Patron membership expires August 31, 2020

I nominate Jim Hollingsworth for TCA Vice President.

I got to know Jim well while playing in the 2017 and 2018 Texas Armed Forces Chess Championships. Jim was the organizer of both of these events. They were well-organized and well-run, and I was impressed with his dedication to chess and to the military chess players, both active duty and veterans. I was also impressed by his attention to detail, which made everything go smoothly from start to finish.

I heartily endorse Jim for this position because of his knowledge of chess, his organizational ability, his communication skills, and his ability to work with and inspire others.

Thank you,
Charles Fricks

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Brenda Tramel Hardesty
Active tournament chess player
Texas Women's Chess Champion (1999)
Former member/chair, TCA Scholastic Committee
Former TCA Regional Director
Recipient, Woman International Master Ruth Inez Haring Chess Legacy Award (2019)
Founder, Austin Area Homeschoolers Chess Club (continuously meeting for 25 years)
Senior Tournament Director
TCA Family Patron membership, expires April 2021
USCF Family membership, expires May 2020 (will be renewed)
Former Residence for 36 years: Austin, Texas
Current Residence for 14 years: Schleicher County, TX

It is my great honor to nominate and endorse my good friend, Jim Hollingsworth, for the office of TCA Vice-President.

I first met Jim at some of the many large tournaments held in Dallas. He impressed me then with his enthusiasm for chess and his friendliness.

I got to know Jim much better when he organized the 2019 Texas Women's Chess Championship. In 25 years of playing chess tournaments, I have never experienced an event to match this one. Jim and his team thought of everything to make the players feel welcomed and honored. From the fresh flowers on the playing tables to the free entry fee, from the lunches provided each day to the formal evening banquet, from the ideal, quiet, roomy playing conditions to the special awards for various categories of games, everything about this tournament was superb.

Jim has been a very active chess promoter and tournament organizer in Texas for many years. He always gives 110% effort to managing tasks and welcoming players. He has organized special tournaments for military players, for women, and the classic “Red River Shoot-Out” between Texas players and Oklahoma players. He has worked as a volunteer for TCA in many capacities, including TCA Facebook Administrator and TCA Fundraising Chair. He is also active in tournaments in his local area.

It would be difficult to find a person better suited to serve as a Texas Chess Association Vice-President.

Sincerely yours,
Brenda Tramel Hardesty

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