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Renate Garcia, Incumbent and Candidate for Secretary of the Texas Chess Association

Renate Garcia
Candidate for TCA Secretary

In difficult times like this, there are things we can control and things we can not. One thing we can control is our priorities. Another is our ability to vote to empower the Texas Chess Association to better serve all chess players in our state. I am the Regional Director for Region 4 and I am running to retain my position as TCA Secretary. My passion is chess. Please allow me to continue to serve you and helping TCA run smoothly and ethically.

Chess is not just a game. It is an important and fun activity. My family and I first joined TCA back in 2015 as family patron members. Since then we have attended many events and helped contribute to its growth. Not long after, I was appointed as Scholastic Representative and still hold this position today. Because I have attended many TCA meetings, I know how business is and should be conducted. Having a voice as a member is very important. Learning what you are voting on is also important, so a free flow of information is important too. Like many of you, I am an independent thinker. People like us don’t like being in the dark. We need all the information on issues before making a move on an issue or across the board at play.

I am a tournament director and also the founder and president of the Crusader Chess Club of El Paso. Our club hosts events at various locations including several Public Library Branches every week. Seeing chess grow and being part of it is very fulfilling. Our “Tournament Library Series” of events that provides free and low-cost options to ensure chess enthusiasts have both rated and non-rated events. Coaching at Vista Hills Crusader Chess Club at Vista Hills Elementary School for several years helped me grow my skill. I became a US Chess Certified Club Tournament Director to support this growth. I have also recruited and helped others to become more skillful TDs.

My next step was to become an even better organizer. I established and organized the Crusader Chess National Chess Day tournaments and The Annual All Girls/ Women’s Tournament, among many other annual and monthly tournaments.

I strongly support Scholastic, Girls, Women’s, and Veteran’s Chess. We still don’t have enough girls playing chess in Texas. Together we can work hard to change that. Together we can raise awareness, support, and money for events and prizes painlessly. I am an experienced fundraiser. I raised funds for the 2019 Women’s Chess Championship as well as organizing it. I support other organizers as well. I played in the 2019 Women’s Texas Chess Championship and hope other women and girls can have that amazing experience.

Veterans need more chess events too. I established the Annual Veterans Championship of El Paso, which has seen substantial growth in our area. I developed strategic planning and leadership skill by being a family support member for FRG (Family Readiness Group) with my husband’s military unit in Arizona and Texas. My volunteerism and leadership earned me recognition from the Governor of Arizona. I received the Molly Pitcher Service Award for my service. I continue to organize and run chess tournaments and simuls for Veterans Chess in the El Paso Area, including Fort Bliss. HOOAH!

If chess is to grow in Texas, we need to get more children playing chess. It all starts with coaches who know how to reach and teach kids. Parents play a big role in supporting and encouraging their kids to play as well. Teaching is a joy to me. Scholastic chess is not just for the few, the rich, or the smart. It’s a tool for building sportsmanship and sharp thinking for all kids and having friends that turn into family. Our club is pro bono. We don’t charge for it. We include and accommodate players of all abilities.

I have served as PEN (Project of Texas Parent) leader serving parents of children with disabilities by helping them understand their rights and responsibilities under IDEA law. I also serve as host for the Sensory Processing Disorder Support Group of El Paso. This involved facilitating meetings for caregivers. I was the Event Coordinator for “Fine Arts are Sensational, One Step at a time.” This event brought together the medical and the Fine Arts programs including music and dance. I also organized a provider expo to benefit the Sensory Research for Star Center Institute for Sensory Processing. This is one of the reasons I have served as the US Chess Consultant for the Accessibility, and Special Circumstances Committee of US Chess on the Sensory Processing issues in children.

The way to help all players, no matter their gifts or challenges, is to make them feel more comfortable at tournaments or large events. There is always more work to be done. Please allow me to continue to serve you as your Secretary. I humbly ask for your support and your vote.

Yours in chess,

Renate Garcia
Incumbent and Candidate for Secretary of the Texas Chess Association

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